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‘Interlude’ or the in-between is an experimental space at Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, for pause, or self-reflection. It is a platform for critiquing and busting memes of today or of the times to come. The vision is to create a space that lies in the intersection between academic learning and a ‘design-free’ zone, where postgraduate students from Srishti and other institutions come together and critically engage in the act of ‘meme-busting’.

As the second edition of the Postgraduate Interlude 2017 reaches its culmination, we at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design, & Technology are happy to announce the Interlude Conference.

We invite students, professionals, practitioners, and educators to attend and actively participate in discussing questions around cultures of resilience, heritage, and sustainable development. Discussions curated through a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and exhibition of student work.

In its second edition this year, we had three Open Studios, each exploring a particular theme. The three studios are as follows

  1. Culture of Resilience: Resilience of Culture
  2. Contesting Heritage
  3. Sustain by Design

The students had a choice to enroll in any one of the studio and choose a particular provocation that the studio offers. The students then, over a period of four weeks worked in interdisciplinary teams to actively construct their response to the chosen provocation.

The construction was shaped by a mentoring space where experts from diverse disciplines shared their insights, experiences and positions in any form, such as talks, walks, discussions, open debates, workshops, performances, and other formats of their choice. The student teams were encouraged to engage in these wide-ranging activities to facilitate their response-building process and take informed positions of their own.

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